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“Good Morning, Kasa Kaay!”
“Entertaining, humorous, thought-provoking” that’s how RJ Prabhu describes himself. The huge fan-following will vouch for that. One of the most popular RJs in Ahmednagar, RJ Prabhu clearly rules the roost with ‘Good Morning Kas Kai’.
Slam Book
birth date
June 30
Sun Sign
How I got to be an Rj
I was greatly impressed by listening to other rjs and as I used to participate in cultural programs of my school and college, it obviously attracted me and now it is the biggest reason to live this life.
mantra In Life
If you ‘pollute’ your duty, you have to ‘salute’ everybody. But if you ‘salute’ your duty, you don’t have to ‘salute’ anybody!
When I'm not RJ'ing I'm most likely to be...
Enjoying every bit of my life……
Favorite film
K3G, Zindagi Milegi Naa Dobara, Dil Chahta Hai, and 3 Idiots.
Most embarrassing RJ moment
My bosses have got a long list of it. SO it would be better to contact them! Ha ha ha..!!!!!
Most fulfilling RJ moment
Yet to come.
My Diary
Fusion kabab, corn bhel, methi crunchy balls, cheese rolls, fried idli, surprise aappe, chaat katori, daal pakwan, rice balls, cheese pattice, saambha ..

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