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“The most wasted day in life is the day in which we have not laughed”
- RJ Soujanya takes wholesome entertainment to a whole different level altogether.She gives out the most exclusive tidbits of information about your favourite stars, trivia about everything related to Sandalwood, and behind the scenes of songs and movies. RJ Sowjanya makes sure every person she interacts with, thinks of it as a different experience. She gets you thinking, she gives a whole new angle to issues, and makes sure you feel positive no matter what you’ve been through. Her voice is fresh, young, vibrant and so cheerful it will remove the term “down in the dumps” from your vocabulary.
Slam Book
birth date
November 5
Sun Sign
How I got to be an Rj
RJ ing was my passion, since I always used to be very talkative, it got easy
mantra In Life
Live like there is no tomorrow
When I'm not RJ'ing I'm most likely to be...
listening to some great music, reading novels
Favorite film
Most embarrassing RJ moment
embarrassing to express
Most fulfilling RJ moment
My first day in Radio City
My Diary
Tirupati special starting very soon :) on Shubodhaya(5am - 7am) - 7 days a week :) ..

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